Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Culture:“Technological、Environmental、Characteristic”

Krant has set up a technology research center, which is dedicated to product design, material application technology and market development. Through original design, it can meet the different market demand and provide users with perfect product appearance design and material application technology. Recently, Anhui Kelante Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Special Aluminum Profile Engineering Technology Research Center approved by Anhui Science and Technology Department for the record. Anhui Kelangte Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. will make further progress on the road of scientific and technological research and development.

Corporate Philosophy:“Justice、Sincerity、Dedicated、Efiicient”

Justice is the basic principle to coordinating the relationship among the members of company, and it is also an important source of cohesion, centripetal force and appeal. Honest and sunny corporate culture is conducive to creating an open and frank atmosphere of communication, enhance understanding, enhance sense of identity and belonging, constantly mobilize enthusiasm, fully stimulate potential and increase potential. Strengthen team cohesion and form common values to promote the harmonious development and progress of enterprises and employees; Dedication: recognize the role of self-role, adhere to their own position, and uphold the working attitude of "no pain ,no gain", to face the challenges of their work; Efficient use is to have Limited resources, time, energy, material resources, etc., to achieve the best return, to achieve the best ratio of input to output.

Service Aim“Faster、Better”

Faster:Fast Development、Fast Response、Fast Delivery。

Better:Good Reputation、Good Service、Good Cost Performance。

Management Concept“Never Satisfied、Keep Innovation、Continuous Improvement”

  "Krant" people will never satisfy the existing achievements, in order to stimulate the driving force of market development; innovation is our soul, is the guarantee of our sustainable development; genius lies in innovation, wisdom comes from exploration. It is our eternal goal to advance bravely, unite and strive, to strive constantly, to keep forging ahead and to pursue excellence.

Corporation VisionMake Krant a First-class Large Aluminum Production Base in East China